S.N.A.P. SPECIAL NEEDS ADVENTURE PLAYGROUND PYE GREEN ROAD CANNOCK STAFFORDSHIRE WS11 5RW 01543 579286 snapcannock@outlook.com Charity No 1059988 Registered Company No 03259275
S.N.A.P. SPECIAL NEEDS ADVENTURE PLAYGROUNDPYE GREEN ROADCANNOCK STAFFORDSHIREWS11 5RW    01543 579286snapcannock@outlook.comCharity No 1059988Registered Company No 03259275  

Pricing Policy


The Charity S.N.A.P. (Special Needs Adventure Playground) is a not for profit Company limited by guarantee. Accordingly, The Board of Directors are responsible for securing sufficient income in order to cover year on year operational costs and depreciation. 


Expenditure will be measured accordingly and constantly reviewed by The Board on a monthly basis in order to ensure best value. Directors measures to ensure this include being unpaid, staff being paid the statutory minimum wage. All Items such as cleaning supplies etc.. will be purchased on a best value basis. We will endeavour to bid for finance to purchase large items or appeal for donations in kind or cash. In order to ensure the ongoing validity of S.N.A.P., Directors, staff and volunteers will seek donations from various sources, and fundraise by means of a range of initiatives.


The pricing structure will be reviewed by The Board of Directors on an annual basis. The review will take into account:


  1. The need to ensure the ongoing operational costs of the Charity are met.
  2. The prices do not exceed other similar facilities e.g. commercial wacky warehouses etc…
  3. Prices are fixed at an affordable level for our Customers.
  4. The reasons for any adjustments are explained to our Customers via social media and verbally.




In cases of financial hardship, where parents and carers are unable to afford the price of admission for a child in need of the facilities of S.N.A.P., the following procedure will be implemented prior to the visit with the child.


Parents or carers can advise staff in a confidential manner, e.g. in a quiet area of the facility or by telephone of their difficulty. Staff will record their contact details and a Director, normally the Chairman will contact them to ascertain the circumstances of the situation.


As there are a multitude of reasons for hardship at a particular time, no set criteria such as income type will be employed. In a situation where the individual has claimed any form of benefit and there is evidence to believe that there has been a delay in the payment of the benefit through no fault of the individual, the entrance fee will be waived.


This policy will be published by the Charity on the facebook page and website.


Approved 26/06/18

Supported by Children In Need

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